The first patented fabric branding machine was produced.


The foundation of SKT, serial production of accumulator tongs and the first production of oil seals.


On leaving SKT the K.COŞKUNÖZ workshop was set up in the Bursa Yeniyol area. Production of Sheet Metal Profile began.


The first production of steel coachwork was realized, thereby the coachwork that had originally been wooden was replaced by the steel version.


The first hydraulic press was manufactured.


Foundations were laid for the Metal Forming Factory. The first driver’s cab to be produced in Turkey was made for the FIAT 153 towing truck


The Metal Forming Factory was established in the Bursa Industrial Estate and started production with 150 employees.


Serial production began on the Turkish Tractor chassis.


COŞKUNÖZ became a joint stock company.

Serial production of Oyak Renault chassis parts was started.


The first Resistance Welding Machine was produced.


Coşkunöz became a trading group.

The first contract with the Turkish Metal Union was signed.


Meksan A.Ş. was set up and joined the COŞKUNÖZ Holding group.

Production began in the Machine and Tool Factory.

BELTAN AŞ was established in 1975 and joined Coşkunöz Holding


The Cem Transportation Co. was set up and became a part of COŞKUNÖZ Holding.


The Coşkunöz Educational Foundation was established.


The company was granted the AQAP-4 Quality System Certificate.

The first export of hydraulic and mechanical press’ was made to South Africa and England.


The first sheet metal forming tools were exported to the Isuzu Belford Company in England and to Opel in Germany.


Export started in transportation and conservation trunks produced from aluminium alloys for the Defense Industry.


The first CNC Press and Microprocess controlled Resistance Welding Machine were produced.

The COŞKUNÖZ Radiator Company was set up and joined Coşkunöz Holding.


Export of sheet metal parts to GM European Operations began.


The ISO 9002 Quality System Certificate was granted by BVQI and TSE.


KEREM PRESS was established and joined COŞKUNÖZ Holding.

Beltan A.Ş. became partners with the Freudenberg Group.

The STARPAN registered trademark was granted for the steel panel flat radiators and electric oil radiators.

The QS 9000 and ISO 9001 Quality System Certificates were awarded by BVQI.

Coşkunöz A.Ş. won the BUSIAD KALDER Quality Prize.

The COŞKUNÖZ Anatolian Technical High School was opened.


The VDA 6.1 Quality System Certificate was granted by BVQI.


Beltan Vibracoustic A.Ş. was awarded the BUSIAD – KALDER EFQM prize.


“CE” conformity certificates were granted for the resistance welding machines, resistance welding machine transformers and control units.


Magnetto Coşkunöz was established in partnership with Eurostamps SAS.


Beta Seals was established together with DS Beteiligungs.

In 2003 the Coşkunöz Metal Forming Machine Industry Company was 344th of the first 500 firms in Turkey.

The Coşkunöz A.Ş plant was granted the Ministry of Defense and NATO Security Certificate.


Belka A.Ş. was established

Coşkunöz Radiator was 24th in the top exporting companies of Bursa.

Coşkunöz Metal Form started out on its Lean Production Project.


Coşkunöz A.Ş. was awarded an Approved Supplier certificate by TAI.

The Coşkunöz Radiator’s German office was opened with the launch of their Copa trademark.


Coşkunöz R&D was established.


The Coşkunöz Defense & Aerospace Company was formed in Eskişehir.


As part of the lean process re-organisation, Kerem Press joined together with Coşkunöz Metal Form.

The Freudenberg Coşkunöz Tool Industry & Trade Company was established.

Belka, Betaseals, Beltan Vibracoustic and Coşkunöz Radiator joined the Lean Production Project.


The COŞKUNÖZ Psychotechnical Evaluation Centre was opened.

Coşkunöz Metal Form A.Ş was awarded the OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificate.

The EU Opportunities at Work Project was realized.


KMWE became a partner with Coşkunöz Defense and Aerospace Inc. Unlimited Energy Inc. was established.

The first Kemal Coşkunöz Open Fencing Tournament took place.

The first Lean Leaders Certification Programme was held.

Coşkunöz Metal Form was approved as an R&D Centre by the Ministry of Industrial Research & Development


Coşkunöz Metal Form was awarded as Best Supplier by Citroen.

Coşkunöz Metal Form was one of only 2 companies worldwide who received an award in the investment goods quality branch of PSA (Peugeot Citroen Group), for whom Coşkunöz provides a tool production service.

Coşkunöz Defense and Aerospace Inc. was assessed as a “Gold Subcontractor” by TUSAŞ.

The M. Kemal Coşkunöz Fencing Tournament became an international event.

Coşkunöz Solar Energy Inc. was established.


Investments in the energy sector commenced.

Coşkunöz Holding decided to make their first foreign investment in Tataristan. The Coşkunöz Alabuga company was established.


Our partnership with BetaSeals and Beltan Vibracoustic was terminated.

Belka Kauçuk received the Best Supplier award from Knorr Bremse.

Coşkunöz Wind Energy Inc. was established.

TAYSAD selected Coşkunöz R&D Centre as 1st out of 300 companies participating in the “Patent-Utility Model-Industrial Design” field.

Coşkunöz R&D Centre was 1st in the industrialist category of the second Machinery and Components Production Technology R&D Project Market, organised by TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB and supported by TİM.

Coşkunöz Holding launched their “You’ve Got What it Takes” Competence Development Programme.

The Coşkunöz Holding “Leaders Development Programme” was initiated.


Coşkunöz R&D came first in Uludağ Exporters Union’s “Turkey Automotive Sector Traditional R&D Project Market” and “Automotive Component Design” competition.

The new Coşkunöz R&D and Coşkunöz Education Foundation building was opened for service.

The Coşkunöz Alabuga factory received the “2013 Best Investment Project” prize from the Russian Automotive Forum.

Coşkunöz Alabuga commenced operations.